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Overriding Our Negative Instinct

Under a serious threat of danger, some of us call for vicious and immediate retaliation toward the source of the threat. During difficult times, some of us become consumed with protecting ourselves at the expense of others. For example, we have observed political campaigns during times of hardship or uncertainty that are filled more with negative attacks on opponents versus highlighting the platform of the nominees. 
Even under minimal stress or a perceived threat, many of us become depressed or pessimistic about the eventual outcomes. We have seen how the perception of the decline of US public education has caused many to believe that things will never improve. This belief is leading to the push for alternative educational programs and feed into the mistrust that some have for our educators.
Why are we so quick to go to the dark side? As it turns out, we are hardwired to do this very thing. In our earliest form, cognitive functions were minimal, and our sensory capabilities were our me…