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Criteria for Bullying Prevention Programs

A quick Google search of bullying prevention programs this week gave me 5,970,000 results. When I qualified the search with the terms "research-based" and "evidence-based," the list was reduced to 598,000. A flood of programs exist that promise to reduce a problem that is still too high, despite our efforts. The money and time invested already discourages many from continuing bullying prevention initiatives that do not seem to work.

We must continue to reduce and then finally eliminate bullying in our schools. But where do we begin? Perhaps a good first step is to use the following criteria when identifying high quality programs.
Research-Based. Effective programs have been through rigorous examination that show they work. The results are published in peer-reviewed journals.Evidence-Based. The programs should be implemented in a new context and then undergo additional evaluation to have evidence that they are effective.Comprehensive. The programs include diagnosis, …